Your mantra should be empowering and keep you firmly grounded in the present. Here, some affirmations, poems, and words you might like to try on your next spirited walk, courtesy of Domar and Kortge:

  • “Right here, right now”
  • “Left” as you put your left foot down, “right” as you put your right foot down
  • Say “in” on the in breath and “out” on the out breath
  • “I am here and I am walking”
  • “I am here, I give thanks”
  • “I am walking, I am happy”
  • “I am strong, I am powerful”
  • “I am happy and confident”
  • “I am fit and healthy”
  • “I do my best”
  • “I accept myself”
  • “I’m going to get there”
  • “I can make it”
  • “Om” (a favorite transcendental meditation mantra)
  • “Rama” (the Sanskrit word meaning “to rejoice”)
  • Om mani padme hom” (a Buddhist blessing that acknowledges the spirit in all things)
  • “Ham” on the in breath, “Sah” on the out breath (the Sanskirt phrase meaning “I am that”)